The Porshe Taycan is the first fully electric vehicle from Porsche and, like most of Porsche’s creation, is quite a piece of incredible automobile experience.

Initially at launch, the Porshe Taycan is available in the high-performance turbo and turbo S models.

The name Taycan is quite fitting of this model of Porsche, as it is translated as a lively young horse in the Turkish language.

Overview of the Taycan Specifications:


Its engine is 2 A/C synchronous electric motors which are situated at both the front and rear axle.


The Taycan comes with a 1-speed directive drive for the front and a 2-speed automatic for the rear electric motor.


Battery pack is a 93.4kwh liquid-cooled lithium-ion. There are strong claims by Porsche that with its turbo EV charging system, the battery charging process can go up to an impressive 80% in just 15 minutes.

There is also a claim that at a 5% power state, the battery can be charged to up to 80% in a speedy 22.5 minutes. This excellent charging prowess is made possible by a dc fast charger that offers up to 270kw of charging power.

Electric range

Its electric range lies between 362 to 434.5km (224.9 to 270.0mi), still waiting for official EPA numbers.

Porsche Taycan Overall Dimensions

A wheelbase of 2,901mm (114.2 in)

A length of 4,963 mm (195.4 in)

A width of 1,966 mm (77.4 in)

A height of 1,379 mm (54.3 in)

A kerb weight of 2,358.7 kg (5,200.0 lb.)

For its body and chassis:

  • It’s class which falls in the grand tourer category
  • It’s body style which is a 4-door sedan
  • A layout of an all-wheel-drive
  • A structure built around the j1 platform
  • Has striking relations to the Porsche Panamera.

Driving Modes

The Taycan comes with 5 driving modes in total, which include the normal, sport, overdrive, sport plus and the range mode.

There is also an additional mode which lets the driver customize the car’s settings based on his or her preference.